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10 Awesome Alaskan Fishing Lodges

10 Awesome Alaskan Fishing Lodges

The Alaskan salmon fishing sites are awesome. You get the ecstasy of following salmons, catching them in numbers, and the picturesque sites in the neighborhood. You can enjoy even more by connecting with nature and interacting with the community by staying in the fishing lodges. Whether you only have a single weekend getaway or full salmon fishing holiday, you need to use the best lodges. The following are top 10 most awesome Alaskan fishing lodges.

Deep Creek Fishing Club


This lodge is located in a pine interior that has stylish ambiance, and breathtaking scenes. It has spacious accommodation, hot water showers, glowing fireplaces, and king size hickory beds. It also has professional staff, and all meals are prepared professionally. When you book this lodge, be sure of enjoying freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, fly-fishing, and fly-out adventures.

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Valhalla Lodge


Valhalla Lodge is among the top finest lodges in Alaska. It provides visitors with lovely five-star facilities similar to great city hotels. The design of the Valhalla Lodge is meant to deliver ecstasy in a different way. To get out on a fishing expedition, you first hop into their float plane and fly through the neighboring national parks with native wildlife and scintillating glaciers. During your holiday, you will be staying in their villas that have bearskin rugs, stylish fireplace, and allot of wood paneling.

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Salmon Falls Resort


This is a unique lodge surrounded by blue waters while the surrounding sceneries are irresistible. Because of Salmon Falls Resort strategic location on the water, you are sure of catching all types of salmons from Coho, Chinook, Pink, Chum, and Silver. The lodge is designed for those who want to get more from their holiday by connecting them to nature. Their accommodation is indifferent and targets giving users a feel of the Alaskan mountains, stars, and forests for an unforgettable thrill.

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The Northwood Lodge


The Northwood Lodge is designed to help take the thrill of five-star hotels into the heart of Alaskan Jungle. It has top of range fishing services, spacious cabins, and dining in the attractive Alaskan jungle. Your fishing excursion starts at the Fish Lake Creek, and you are sure of exploring other creeks with a lot of Salmons including sockeye, king salmon, grayling, and rainbow trout. The lodge also has lovely saunas, self-contained rooms, and professional staff.
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Alyeska Resort

This lodge sits on 1000 acres of mountain skiing slopes so that you can extend the thrill of sports fishing to skiing. At dawn, visitors on a fishing mission start their excursion with a hike at the Chugach National Forest to enjoy native wildlife including bears, birds, and roan antelopes. On getting to the Resurrection Creek, they take fishing boats to catch the pink salmon that is in plenty. The lodge also organizes other activities like helicopter rides and skiing that will make your holiday more enthralling.

Sportsman’s Cove Lodge


The Sportsman’s Cove Lodge has received over 85% customer satisfaction in the last one year because of its top of range facilities. They have lovely fishing boats, professional crew, and every client is sure of catching many salmons. Besides, you can join the chefs to prepare and enjoy the fish you catch.

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Copper River Lodge


Copper River Lodge is designed to make every visitor feel at home away from home. The lodge is located along the Copper River to give visitors complete access to fishing grounds and take as long as they want to catch salmons, trout and other fish in the fresh and salty waters. They also have professional guides to help you explore the picturesque southeastern Alaska wilderness.

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Port Lion’s Lodge

This lodge is designed to merge fishing with a sense of luxury. It is located in the Northern part of Kodiak Island and provides top class dining and entertaining accommodation in a breathtaking site on the Kizhuyak Bay and Kodiak Mountains at a distance. When you set out fishing from the lodge, the professional staff will help you to also meet the killer whales, sea lions, humpback whales, and orcas. Every excursion will be unforgettable.

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Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge


Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge is a vacation facility that is set in a lovely environment for visitors to enjoy more. You not only go fishing in the neighboring waters but also explore the Katmai National Park for native animals. Their accommodation is carefully designed for utmost comfort and style.

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The Favorite Bay Lodge


Favorite Bay Lodge is the gateway to exploring the diversity of Alaskan wildlife that occupies the tranquil and unexplored wilderness. They organize for fresh and saltwater fishing excursions so that you can participate in diverse fishing expeditions to catch salmon, trout and see different whales that frequent the area.

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