The Different Salmon Fishing Lures

The Different Salmon Fishing Lures

To catch salmon on your fishing line, you need to attract it using appropriate bait. The baits are designed to mimic the food items that salmons eat. Make sure to understand the different types of baits in order to get the fishing thrill you anticipate. Here are the top five different salmon fishing lures.

Metal Lures

Metal lures are the best companions to every salmon fisherman. They are designed in colors and shapes of small fish that salmon feeds on so that they are easily taken for a successful catch. They come in varying sizes and styles so that users can cast without being taken away by the wind. The target is making the metal to mimic a real fish so that the targeted salmon will go for it right away and get caught. Notably, metallic lures can be used for a very long time without losing the efficiency because they are easy to sharpen.

Hard Body Lures

Hard body lures are used to give the target a real impression of a target prey. These lures are particularly ideal when you need to cast the fishing line in deeper waters or targeting larger salmon. It is important that you carefully select the right fishing rod when using the hard body lures for greater controllability especially if you catch an aggressive salmon.


Jigs are lures that consist of a special lead sinker and a perfectly positioned hook built on it. Then, it is covered with jigs to attract the salmon by creating jerky and vertical motions as opposed to spinner baits that simply move through the water. With jigs, salmons easily note the bait because of the upward motion and will go for it directly without noticing the hook covered by the jigs. This is one of the most effective lures for fishing salmon.

Soft Plastics

The soft plastic lures are artificial baits made from plastic or rubber. They are made to take the shape of natural salmon food and easier identification. Unlike in the past, the plastic baits use treble hooks and diving bibs to raise chances of salmon taking the bait. They are ideal for fishing salmon in the shallow waters, and many people prefer them because they are relatively cheap.

Surface Poppers

The surface poppers are designed with metal, plastic, or combination of the two. Their bodies are hollow to help keep them the surface and the head is designed with a concave shape to help release bubbles while splashing water to get the attention of the targeted fish. The objective is to make the bait look like a distressed fish and, therefore, an easy prey.

Unlike other types of lures, the surface poppers make the fisherman to be more engaged. When fishing salmon, many people on holiday prefer to use the poppers because they can see large schools dashing towards the bait and getting caught. They are also good when fishing salmon in shallow inland rivers or lakes. However, it is not ideal for fishing salmon that prefer staying in deeper waters.

The Best Salmon Fishing Rods

The Best Salmon Fishing Rods

The salmon fishing rod you select will determine the thrill of your holiday. While many fishing rod companies have emerged and keep sending products into the market, it is important to be careful on what you pick for the fishing excursion. Here is everything that you need to know about the best salmon fishing rods.

Factors to consider when selecting the best salmon fishing rods

First, you should look for a fishing rod that is made from top quality materials. It should be designed from materials that will not get damaged easily by water. They should also be light but strong enough to avoid breaking in the event you pull out a very large salmon.

A good fishing rod should be ideal for the type of fishing reel that you will be using. Make up your mind on the type of salmon to fish because bigger ones need bigger reels.
The fishing ergonomics must be perfect when out fishing.

Therefore, hold the rod in your hands and ensure that it feels comfortable, it is heavy enough, and provides a perfect balance.
Your budget is a critical factor that determines the rod you can get.

Do not simply rush to buy a rod because it is priced less than others; look for the best that is sold at affordable rates. For example, you can identify the best rod and check for stores with offers or buy together with other items to get better rates.

Top Salmon Fishing Rods

The Pflueger Echelon

The Pflueger Echelon

This is among the top fishing rods and considered ideal for beginners. It is designed from top quality graphite body and a cork handle so that the user can enjoy a perfect balance when casting. Besides, it is very sensitive so that users can easily tell when the bait has been taken. The reel has a lovely clutch and stainless steel balls so that you can easily pull out even large salmons with little effort.

Abu Garcia Orra SX

Abu Garcia Orra SX

This fishing rod is designed with a lightweight material to make you enjoy fishing bigger salmon. It gives you utmost control of the rod and fish so that you can enjoy every fishing moment.

Daiwa D-Shock

Daiwa D-Shock

This rod has become a favorite for many people because of its lightness, ease of control and versatility. It designed to give the user full control, especially when targeting the fierce steelhead. Whether you want to shift your fishing grounds from Oregon to Pennsylvania Rivers, this rod is easy to dismember and carry in sections.

The Quantum Vibe

The Quantum Vibe

For people who want to combine fishing salmon with style, the best rod to go for is the quantum vibe. It features a three-part cork that gives you extra control over the fish especially the fierce salmons. The six feet frame allows you to make longer casts which are very enthralling in sports fishing.

The Vision Atom

The Vision Atom

This is one of the rods with best finishes in the market for people who want to fish salmon in style. It has a long frame and can accommodate different types of reels so that you can use it to catch all types of foods. However, the rod is relatively heavy, and those who are new might require some time getting used to it.

Salmon Fishing Gear: The 7 Essential Items

Salmon Fishing Gear: The 7 Essential Items

Salmon fishing is one of the most enthralling holiday activities that no one wants to miss especially in springs and summer. However, you can only be sure of enjoying every fishing moment by ensuring that the holiday is well prepared. To do this, you require having the complete salmon fishing gear to bait the fish, wade through the waters, and enjoy every moment. Here are the 7 essential items that you should have.

1) Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are used to lower the bait into the water and lure the fish. For novices, it is advisable to look for a rod that can handle up to 15 pounds line and an additional bait of about ¼ or more. A basic rod should be approximately 8feet, feature a flexible top, and firm butt. If planning for float fishing, the longer the handle, the better.

2) Fishing Reels

Fishing reels are used to cast fishing lines and pull the fish after taking the bait. A good one should be strong and capable of lasting for very many years. You can either go for the casting reels or spinning type. Today, spinning reels have become very common because you can cast the line to longer distances and is easier to control. It is very critical to understand the size of the fish you are targeting to sect the right reel.

3) Fishing line

Just like you spend a lot of money getting a great fishing rod, you need to invest in a great line. While you can catch fish even with a broom handle, however, if you do not have the right line, it will break away. If you will be fishing in the river, it is important to go for lines with knots so that they can resist abrasion. If you are using a bait casting reel, consider getting a harder surface line. The line should be easy to cast, roll back, lock, and take control even if you catch an aggressive salmon.

4) Fishing Boots

Because you are fishing in the water, water will get you everywhere. You will need to have the right boot/ waders so that water that splashes on them can get away and leave you comfortable to continue fishing the entire day. It is also good to put on warm socks if fishing very early in the morning when it is cold.

5) Fishing Vest

Once out fishing, a fishing nest is crucial because of the intense activities in the sea. You will need to get into the water and carry the catch after the fishing expedition. If you need to carry more items when setting out such as a knife, you can look for a fishing vest with several pockets or buy a separate belt.

6) Fishing Hooks

When you cast the fishing line, the target is getting the best chance to lure fist to the bait and catch it. However, this can only be possible if you have the right fishing hooks. The hooks should be strong, firm, and easy to detent by the prey. Besides, they should be very sharp so that every fish that takes the bait does not have a chance to escape.

7) Fishing Boats

A fishing boat is a critical component when fishing in deep waters. A good boat should be in top condition, have enough fishing rods, and support staff. The boat should also have a good emergency rescue system in case the fishing grounds become rough.

What Are The Best Waders for Fishing?

What Are The Best Waders for Fishing?

Unless you will be fishing only from the comfort of the river bank, one item that is inevitable for an angler is a wader. Warders are made using rubber or neoprene to make them light yet highly effective in making you comfortable whether fishing in winter or summer. To enjoy more when fishing, it is critical to ensure that the waders are fitting so that winter chill or summer temperatures do not compromise the excursion. However, many people have expressed the difficulties they go through when looking for waders.

What to consider when looking for a good wader

When compared to the best waterfowl waders, good waders for fishing come down to personal preferences. There are diverse collections ranging from color, shapes, and designs so that you can take what is more appealing. However, the following are indicators of a top wader.

  • Top quality material: The material should be strong enough to withstand regular use and cleaning.
  • Ease of cleaning: Because you are likely to walk into the muddy water, salty water, and even green debris floating on the fishing site, the wader will get dirty and require regular cleaning. Therefore, look for the wader that is easy to clean and dry.
  • Pick the wader that is designed by top brands: Because of the fast emerging new brands of waders, you can never be sure of the quality. However, you can get some assurance by purchasing from top brands that have been in the market and made a name for top quality products.
  • Go for the wader that has positive ratings from past users: Gone are the days when people used to buy and leave everything to luck. Today, every seller subjects products to reviews so that buyers can understand what they are buying. Read through these reviews and pick the wader that has been tested and proven to work.

Best Waders for Fishing in 2016

Titanium Advantage Wetlands Neoprene Camo Waders

Titanium Advantage Wetlands

These waders weigh only 600 grams and help to reflect warmth back to the body so that you will always be 20% warmer compared to those without them. These waders are very easy to wear, have inbuilt boots, and feature deep front pockets to place important fishing items/tools.

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Caddis Breathable Chest Waders

Caddis Breathable

These are great waders designed to deliver total comfort and high value for money. The design and material selection make them work very well in all weather conditions. While they are great in many respects, they do not come with boots. The cost of using it might, therefore, go up because you have to acquire the boots separately.

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Simms G4 Greystone Pro Waders

Simms G4 Pro

This wader is designed by Simms, a company that commands a lot of respect for making top quality fishing items. The wader is super light yet highly effective in preventing loss of heat using the 4-layer Toray QuadraLam technology. They are designed with very strong fabric while seams are hidden to prevent fraying because of regular use.

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Wenzel Hip Waders

Wenzel Hip Waders

If looking for unique waders that will deliver high value for money, it is time to consider this brand. The waders are light in weight and very easy to put on/off. They are also easy to clean, dry, and are sold affordably compared to others.

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10 Awesome Alaskan Fishing Lodges

10 Awesome Alaskan Fishing Lodges

The Alaskan salmon fishing sites are awesome. You get the ecstasy of following salmons, catching them in numbers, and the picturesque sites in the neighborhood. You can enjoy even more by connecting with nature and interacting with the community by staying in the fishing lodges. Whether you only have a single weekend getaway or full salmon fishing holiday, you need to use the best lodges. The following are top 10 most awesome Alaskan fishing lodges.

Deep Creek Fishing Club


This lodge is located in a pine interior that has stylish ambiance, and breathtaking scenes. It has spacious accommodation, hot water showers, glowing fireplaces, and king size hickory beds. It also has professional staff, and all meals are prepared professionally. When you book this lodge, be sure of enjoying freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, fly-fishing, and fly-out adventures.

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Valhalla Lodge


Valhalla Lodge is among the top finest lodges in Alaska. It provides visitors with lovely five-star facilities similar to great city hotels. The design of the Valhalla Lodge is meant to deliver ecstasy in a different way. To get out on a fishing expedition, you first hop into their float plane and fly through the neighboring national parks with native wildlife and scintillating glaciers. During your holiday, you will be staying in their villas that have bearskin rugs, stylish fireplace, and allot of wood paneling.

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Salmon Falls Resort


This is a unique lodge surrounded by blue waters while the surrounding sceneries are irresistible. Because of Salmon Falls Resort strategic location on the water, you are sure of catching all types of salmons from Coho, Chinook, Pink, Chum, and Silver. The lodge is designed for those who want to get more from their holiday by connecting them to nature. Their accommodation is indifferent and targets giving users a feel of the Alaskan mountains, stars, and forests for an unforgettable thrill.

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The Northwood Lodge


The Northwood Lodge is designed to help take the thrill of five-star hotels into the heart of Alaskan Jungle. It has top of range fishing services, spacious cabins, and dining in the attractive Alaskan jungle. Your fishing excursion starts at the Fish Lake Creek, and you are sure of exploring other creeks with a lot of Salmons including sockeye, king salmon, grayling, and rainbow trout. The lodge also has lovely saunas, self-contained rooms, and professional staff.
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Alyeska Resort

This lodge sits on 1000 acres of mountain skiing slopes so that you can extend the thrill of sports fishing to skiing. At dawn, visitors on a fishing mission start their excursion with a hike at the Chugach National Forest to enjoy native wildlife including bears, birds, and roan antelopes. On getting to the Resurrection Creek, they take fishing boats to catch the pink salmon that is in plenty. The lodge also organizes other activities like helicopter rides and skiing that will make your holiday more enthralling.

Sportsman’s Cove Lodge


The Sportsman’s Cove Lodge has received over 85% customer satisfaction in the last one year because of its top of range facilities. They have lovely fishing boats, professional crew, and every client is sure of catching many salmons. Besides, you can join the chefs to prepare and enjoy the fish you catch.

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Copper River Lodge


Copper River Lodge is designed to make every visitor feel at home away from home. The lodge is located along the Copper River to give visitors complete access to fishing grounds and take as long as they want to catch salmons, trout and other fish in the fresh and salty waters. They also have professional guides to help you explore the picturesque southeastern Alaska wilderness.

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Port Lion’s Lodge

This lodge is designed to merge fishing with a sense of luxury. It is located in the Northern part of Kodiak Island and provides top class dining and entertaining accommodation in a breathtaking site on the Kizhuyak Bay and Kodiak Mountains at a distance. When you set out fishing from the lodge, the professional staff will help you to also meet the killer whales, sea lions, humpback whales, and orcas. Every excursion will be unforgettable.

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Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge


Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge is a vacation facility that is set in a lovely environment for visitors to enjoy more. You not only go fishing in the neighboring waters but also explore the Katmai National Park for native animals. Their accommodation is carefully designed for utmost comfort and style.

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The Favorite Bay Lodge


Favorite Bay Lodge is the gateway to exploring the diversity of Alaskan wildlife that occupies the tranquil and unexplored wilderness. They organize for fresh and saltwater fishing excursions so that you can participate in diverse fishing expeditions to catch salmon, trout and see different whales that frequent the area.

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