The Different Salmon Fishing Lures

The Different Salmon Fishing Lures

To catch salmon on your fishing line, you need to attract it using appropriate bait. The baits are designed to mimic the food items that salmons eat. Make sure to understand the different types of baits in order to get the fishing thrill you anticipate. Here are the top five different salmon fishing lures.

Metal Lures

Metal lures are the best companions to every salmon fisherman. They are designed in colors and shapes of small fish that salmon feeds on so that they are easily taken for a successful catch. They come in varying sizes and styles so that users can cast without being taken away by the wind. The target is making the metal to mimic a real fish so that the targeted salmon will go for it right away and get caught. Notably, metallic lures can be used for a very long time without losing the efficiency because they are easy to sharpen.

Hard Body Lures

Hard body lures are used to give the target a real impression of a target prey. These lures are particularly ideal when you need to cast the fishing line in deeper waters or targeting larger salmon. It is important that you carefully select the right fishing rod when using the hard body lures for greater controllability especially if you catch an aggressive salmon.


Jigs are lures that consist of a special lead sinker and a perfectly positioned hook built on it. Then, it is covered with jigs to attract the salmon by creating jerky and vertical motions as opposed to spinner baits that simply move through the water. With jigs, salmons easily note the bait because of the upward motion and will go for it directly without noticing the hook covered by the jigs. This is one of the most effective lures for fishing salmon.

Soft Plastics

The soft plastic lures are artificial baits made from plastic or rubber. They are made to take the shape of natural salmon food and easier identification. Unlike in the past, the plastic baits use treble hooks and diving bibs to raise chances of salmon taking the bait. They are ideal for fishing salmon in the shallow waters, and many people prefer them because they are relatively cheap.

Surface Poppers

The surface poppers are designed with metal, plastic, or combination of the two. Their bodies are hollow to help keep them the surface and the head is designed with a concave shape to help release bubbles while splashing water to get the attention of the targeted fish. The objective is to make the bait look like a distressed fish and, therefore, an easy prey.

Unlike other types of lures, the surface poppers make the fisherman to be more engaged. When fishing salmon, many people on holiday prefer to use the poppers because they can see large schools dashing towards the bait and getting caught. They are also good when fishing salmon in shallow inland rivers or lakes. However, it is not ideal for fishing salmon that prefer staying in deeper waters.

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