The Different Types of Salmon

The Different Types of Salmon

Salmon is the name given to an array of refined species in the family Salmonidae and order Salmoniformes. The fish mainly live in the Pacific and Atlantic. However, they keep migrating from the sea to freshwater rivers for breeding.

They eat aquatic insects, invertebrates, and phytoplankton. Most of these species maintain the same color when in the fresh waters and then change after getting to the sea. Salmons are known for their rich protein content, calcium, iodine, and omega-3 fats. Here are the main types of Salmons you can go fishing whether in the sea or fresh waters.

King/Chinook is the lushest of all Salmons because of its extra high protein and fat content. It is very expensive because of the silken and melting outlook that makes it appear like smoked salmon.Many people in hunting excursions are in search of the Chinook.

The Red Sockeye, unlike the Chinook, is lower in body fat and has a characteristic reddish appearance. Its meat is, therefore, more valued because it has a better taste and ideal for people who are on a diet. From hunting to preparing the red sockeye, you will find it great fun.

The Coho/Silver salmon is distinct from others because of its aggressiveness and silver appearance. It also has a distinctive flavor that makes people keep coming back for more. It is mainly available in late summer and autumn.

The Pink Salmon/Humpback is the smallest of all salmons because it only reaches 2 kilograms. It is called humpback because of its characteristic hump and pinkish color that develops on the back during spawning. The fish moves in large schools and is one of the most fished species.

Chum/Dog salmon is known because of its large size and low-fat content. Unlike others, the chum is able to move up the stream to breed without building energy. Just like the pink salmon, the chum is heavily fished because of its great flavor.

The Steelhead Salmon, also commonly referred to rainbow salmon because of the yellowish, green, or blue body. Their size can grow up to 45 inches though most of them are generally smaller. They can grow up to 8 pounds and are among the best to target when sports fishing.

The Masu is a salmon species mainly found along the western parts of Pacific Ocean particularly Kuril Islands, Kamchatka, and Sakhalin along Japan and Korea. They grow to about 2.5 kilograms and have to move back to the fresh waters for spawning. The masu is a great game species while more people are also keeping it for aquaculture.

The Amago is commonly found along the western part of Japan and is distinguished by its characteristic red spots on the upper part of the body. It can grow up to 50 cm and preference when sports fishing.

Knowing the species of salmon you are targeting to fish can provide great attachment between you and nature. However, it is also critical to know where to fish respective species for a good catch.

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