Top 10 Salmon Fishing Locations in Canada

Fishing is an event that brings unique sense of satisfaction and more importantly, connection with nature. In Canada, your getaway or holiday will not be complete until you set out hunting salmon. Salmon, the magical fish, has won praise because of its diverse benefits ranging from rich protein supply to Omega-3 fatty acids that support effective functioning of the nervous system, brain, and lymphatic system. The following are top 10 Salmon fishing locations in Canada that every visitor should know about.

Lake Maligne

This is a unique lake that will make you enjoy every fishing moment because of the scenic Rocky Mountains in the neighborhood. The runoff from the mountains has been an attraction for Salmons that come in large numbers so that you can enjoy every moment. The lake has become very popular destinations, and no visitor wants to miss a hunting expedition in summer.

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Bay of Quinte

If you are visiting Toronto and do not wish traveling far, the bets pace to catch salmon is the Bay of Quinte. The Bay has various fonts that visitors can select to enjoy a bigger catch. This fishing point is preferred by many visitors because top rated resorts have their water edges touching the bay and you can enjoy a glass of wine while pulling salmon from the water.

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Kispiox River

This is one of the most enthralling places to combine fishing with nature exploration. It is located at the heart of British Columbia and is an ideal place to get a large catch while passing through high cliffs that characterize many parts of the river.

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Great Slaves Lake

This is the sixth largest lake in entire North America and an excellent fishing point for salmon. Because of its great depth, you can be sure of getting regular schools of salmon and other fish. It is also a great point to watch bigger fish such as the killer whales.

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The Polar Bear Provincial Park

This park is at the heart of Hudson Bay in Ontario. It is an enthralling place to fish salmon while watching other game such as bears and wolves.

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The Big River

As the Big Rivers meadows towards that Atlantic, its deep waters have become sensational for salmon that keep coming back in different schools. Fishing points are located a short distance from the Atlantic so that visitors can drive and enjoy their catch, stay in neighboring lodges, or use various campsites.

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The Tree River

The Tree River has won the name best arctic char salmon fishing point because of its enthralling picturesque scenes and diverse salmons. Tree River is located in the western part of Far Northern Nunavut Province. Salmons in the river move freely and can be seen easily in the clear waters especially in summer. If you want to make holiday even more enthralling, consider staying in the nearby top rated holiday lodges and catch many Salmons while watching the magical sunset of Nunavut.

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Crow Lake

Crow Lake is located near Hudson Bay and is part of the Lake of Woods that provide an enthralling holiday time for the tourist who want more. The lake is visited by frequent schools of fish and you can be sure of catching salmons to roast and enjoy the delicacy with local vegetables.

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Tobin Lake

Tobin Lake is only 33 kilometers north of Nipiwan Airport in Saskatchewan. The Lake is frequented by man schools of different salmon, and you will find it enthralling catching them and exploring the nature rich neighborhood.

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The North Lake

When you think of catching really big salmon, consider heading to North Lake in the Eastern part of Prince Edward Island. Whether salmons are moving from north or south, they rarely bypass The North Lake.

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