Top 10 Salmon Fishing Locations in the US

1) Strait of Juan de Fuca

Strait of Juan de Fuca is an enthralling place to catch large quantities of salmon. Unlike other places such as rivers that only attract salmons seasonally, the Strait of Juan de Fuca is always ready for you to go sports fishing. They are particularly ideal for catching Chum and Chinook moving toward Canadian waters in summer.

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2) Sheefish-Selawik Valley in Alaska

Sheefish-Selawik Valley in Alaska is an ideal place to catch salmon as they head to or from the interior waters. The experience is enthralling because waters are usually calm and neighboring Alaskan environment very attractive. At Sheefish-Selawik Valley in Alaska, you are sure of catching almost all types of salmons.

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3) Muskie Lake St. Clair, in Michigan

Despite the lake having a shallow depth, it has become a great place to catch salmons that migrate to breed. It allows visitors to combine the thrill of sports fishing and lovely weather, especially in summer. Because of its proximity to top hotels and lodges, you can purpose to do your fishing even early morning or evening to experience the rising and setting sun at the lake.

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4) The Pacific coast

You do not always have to travel to the north to catch the pink or other salmon species of choice. Consider going to the Pacific coast in Mendocino County, California. Check for the Columbian River mouth to catch large numbers of chums, pink salmon, and sockeyes.

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5) Great Midwestern Lakes

Great Mid-West Lakes are deeper compared to the eastern lakes which make them hold larger quantities of fish. Whether using crankbait anglers or fly, you are sure of catching large quantities of kinds and silvers and few Atlantic salmon.

6) Lake Erie Watershed

Pennsylvania streams that include Lake Erie and its watershed have cut a name for their steelhead salmon numbers. In springs, steelhead Salmons start arriving in large numbers and have a characteristic brilliant silver appearance that makes every fishing excursion truly enthralling. However, note that the steelhead Salmon is fierce fighters especially when rain elevates the water levels of the lake, and they start moving to the creeks.

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7) The Olympic Peninsula in Washington

This region is known by the local people as steelhead capital of the globe because of high number of steelhead salmon. As rivers flow from the nearby rainforest within the Olympic National Park where numerous spawning beds are located, visitors have the best chance of catching the bigger ones whether using rods, tranquil, spinners, or jigs.

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8) Hanford Reach of the Columbia River

Nothing makes a holiday in northern America enthralling like going sports fishing at Hanford Reach of the Columbia River. In summer the river is laden with thousands of Chinook, and you will enjoy every moment lifting them from water into your basket. You are sure to enjoy the experience more because the lodges and campsites are located within the fishing grounds’ neighborhoods. This makes it easy to explore further and enjoy the neighboring touring facilities in the area.

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9) Grays Harbor

Grays Harbor is one of the most popular fishing points for people targeting Coho and Chinook salmons in North Eastern part. The Bay has diverse access points like the Ocean Shores and the Johns River that make visitors and fishermen catch fish moving from the sea to the spawning grounds. The best fishing time for salmon at Grays Harbor is between August and October.

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10) Puget Rivers

If you want the guarantee of catching many salmons, consider heading to Puget Rivers. Though the rivers had been closed to allow the numbers of salmon rejuvenate, they have now been opened, and the thrill is irresistible. You can plan to go fishing in Skokomish River, Dungeness River, or Quilcene River. Other smaller rivers with equally plentiful salmons include Tahuya and Dewatto.

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